Are you a creative artist looking to purchase a unique style of living space? Hard lofts may be the perfect fit for you! Many people find these spaces alluring because they offer an irreplaceable design that can’t be found in newer construction. Hard lofts are typically former industrial spaces, factories, offices, and/or warehouses that have been repurposed into condos and apartments. They typically feature concrete or “brick and beam” construction, depending on the vintage of the building.

For those who appreciate exposed brick walls, soaring ceilings, large windows, original wood posts and beams, sliding factory doors and floors, or open two-leveled spaces; hard lofts can provide a truly beautiful environment to call home. There’s something undeniably special about living in a space that has such history behind it. Plus having all these features lends itself to providing plenty of ideas for customizing your dream loft apartment.

Hard lofts also come with their own set of unique challenges; soundproofing can be difficult due to the original nature of the architecture, as well as expenses associated with expensive renovations needed to modernize certain elements of the building. However if you’re up for taking on such projects it could turn out to be one of the most rewarding investments you’ve ever made!


Soft lofts are a great alternative to hard lofts because they provide the same unique architectural features but in newly constructed buildings. Soft loft buildings have higher than average ceilings as well as large windows designed to let ample amounts of natural light in, giving them a bright and open atmosphere. These buildings also contain concrete floors and open ceilings, with exposed heating vents adding an industrial edge to the space. Developers can also add modern building amenities like fitness centers, pools, and libraries into these structures for those who want a more luxurious living experience. Furthermore, soft lofts are typically purpose-built from day one as condos, making them easier to customize and purchase compared to hard loft conversions which may require longer waiting periods. All in all, soft lofts offer buyers the perfect balance between modern comfort and unique design elements that make them stand out from traditional condos.

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