JUSTIN | Espace Loft


As you know, selling a property is no easy task. I have had a few different brokers in the past and I have never sold my property.

I discovered loft space when I received a call from a member of the team. The first thing that struck me when I went to look at the website was the quality of the pictures. Wow! Honestly, I have never seen as much care in taking pictures as with the espace Loft team.

Afterwards, from the listing process, to the home staging, to the sale and even helping me find another property, I can’t say enough about the customer service.

I am a very demanding customer, and I need to see that I am considered whether it be in my requests or my needs. The team has always been super open minded and most importantly very communicative with me. For me, this is a must. No matter what time of day or day it is, I always had a very quick answer to my questions. I felt supported and important. I unequivocally recommend the espace Loft team to anyone who really wants to sell their property and feel supported by an excellent team.

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