• Heloise soon knew how to make us feel confident. She listened to our needs and advised us perfectly for the purchase of our property. We found the perfect loft for us! 

    Thanks again! :)

    Alex & Myriam

  • I would highly recommend the Espace Loft team to urban kw.

    I was able to rent my apartment in 2 days !!! A record !!! The photos are sublime. I did not have to worry about the paperwork etc ...

    They were of perfect assistance. That's why I recommend them!

  • We were looking for a condominium in a loft style at the beginning of December, 2016.  We had a rough idea of what we wanted, but real estate agents we had been in touch with were either not responding to us or were showing us units that did not come close to meeting our basic criteria.  We then contacted Espace Loft directly and dealt with Mr. Olivier Mailloux and his team.

    The difference in approach was quite remarkable.  Olivier was able to refine the search for the right condo by being receptive to our comments and needs. We were a able to see a range of units in a morning or afternoon, making the best use of our time. Olivier dealt with us calmly, methodically, and offering objective and expert advice.

    Within less than two weeks of contacting Olivier, we were able to come to an agreement with the owner of a unit that met our requirements, in a great building and neighbourhood - and, most importantly, at a fair price. Having seen a relatively broad cross-section of condo units, we came away feeling that we had secured the home we wanted for the longer term.  

    Thanks to the Espace Loft team for a very positive experience.

    Alice & Guy Larin
  • Après quelques mois de tentative pour vendre mon loft, j’ai perdu espoir d’avoir le prix recherché. J’ai donc décidé de changer d’agent et d’aller avec M. Mailloux. Quelques semaines plus tard, j’ai trouvé un acheteur au prix demandé, que voulez-vous de plus.
    Merci Olivier!

    Steve Dupont

  • After several months of researching a property on my own, I decided to do business with Heloise. I definitely should have done that much sooner!

    She was able to quickly understand what I was looking for and showed exemplary professionalism. Throughout the process, she was greatly available, responding to my many questions and providing good advices.

    I recommend her without hesitation.

  • For me, the most important thing when I do business with a real estate broker is that he or she listens to my needs.

    Héloïse understood immediately what I was looking for, it freed me from unnecessary stress. She works for her customers, she is efficient and available.

    This is all I needed and I would gladly recommend her!

  • After more than two years of unsuccessful attempts, I decided to entrust My loft for sale to the team of Olivier Mailloux and Héloïse Nicolas ..

    It sold in 5 months and I had 10 times more visits than in 2 years of failure with 2 well-known brokers ..

    I had my price and the sale went perfectly well. They took care of everything ...

    Congratulations to the whole team for their professionalism and efficiency. I highly recommend them!


    Albert Elbaz

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